Tuesday 4 January 2011

Hofner Contemporary Club Bass - shortscale - scale length

Thanks to Peter Hoggett of http://www.barnesandmullins.co.uk/ - Hohner reps in the UK - I can now confirm the Hofner HCT500/2 Contemporary series Club Bass is a short scale bass and the same as the German models which are 30" (76cm). This is based on the measurement of the G string between nut and saddle. The distance is a little longer on the strings as the saddles are staggered, the E string being the longest at approx 77cm.

So if you've been searching the internet and finding contradicting information - Thomann for example don't list this in their short scale section - then that's your answer!

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Ben said...

You know, I HAVE been searching the internet, and I HAVE been getting conflicting information. I should have come to Ad Love first... When will I learn.