Thursday 7 April 2011

Rhyming Picture Books?

Seemed like a good idea at the time. I wrote the first manuscript, led by Andy's excellent advice and came up with something that had a vague story. Was lively and fun. Rhyming and meter were here and there, but it was light and silly and I sent it off to a few agents and they all wrote back with their stock replies. Ba-DOOM! No thank you.

At the same time and while waiting on replies from those agents I started on another manuscript. This one feels more rounded, less haphazard, more organised. Rhyme is better, meter is better. Story is good. So I sent it off to half a dozen agents. A few by mail, a handful by post. I've not heard anything back yet. In some ways the chase is better than the catch. A week or two with no replies means there is some hope that someone, somewhere will like what i've written. I spent so many hours rhyming and re-rhyming and picking and changing words that in the end I honestly had no idea if what I was left with was great. Good. Or really just plain dull. In other non-me news. Andy sold a million Gum books and has a rhyming picture book coming out in May. Let's hope some of his good advice has helped my efforts :-)

The Jetsonics first review

We didn't even know this fella was going to be at The Jetsonics/The Members show. Turned out afterwards he was there reviewing for Mudkiss fanzine. A real review, by a real impartial. Nice then that feedback was glowing... My band, The Jetsonics will be back at The Six Bells, Brentford on 20th May and the following day (in the afternoon) on St Paul's Rec in BRentford for the May Fayre.