Friday 24 September 2010

The Blackout!

Cool. We are off to see The Blackout in December. Not been to a gig in a long while. It's probably going to be a lesson in 'how to feel old' since the age limit for the venue is [drum roll] 14.

That said, The Blackout's album, 'Best in Town' is fantastic. Only a couple of fillers, the rest is full of brilliant riffing and great melodies. Not sure how their live show will sound vs the prodcution on their record - which sounds incredibly powerful and tight.

Will post a review when we get back.

District 9 and This is England

District 9 is a very, very good film. Highly recommended. Sharlto Copley, the fella who plays the lead role is fantastic. It's exciting, funny, emotional and action packed. Watch it, Prawn.

I watched This is England, because I've been watching the TV follow up This is England '86 and realised there were some connections that I needed to make. The film is spot on too. It re-creates 1983 brilliantly. I especially liked the scene where the young boy is cycling around on his own and buys his catapult, The Black Widow.