Thursday 30 June 2011

Guitar Lesson - The Jetsonics "Somewhere Else"

Here's a tutorial video we made for the Jetsonics. Learn how to play "Somewhere Else" that's the dubby one from the new EP...

What Goes On #11

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What Goes On #2

What Goes On #1

What Goes On...

I've had an idea for a comic strip. I was doodling and made a one frame comic strip that was kinda funny. Is that even a strip? Anyway...I wrote at the top: "What Goes On". "What Goes On..." that's a pretty good name for a run of funnies about whatever I like I thought. So I'll post the first later today. Betcha can't wait. If I make more than a dozen of these we can all cheer together.

Rapunzel/Tangled/Glen Keane sketches

I love Tangled. It's a fantastic film. I love the animation and the dialogue and so I started off in search of some original artwork and sketches from the film. There is a book on the subject and also found this cool little one minute YouTube video...

Andy Stanton Live!

If you like Mr Gum and Andy Stanton's other books then you should watch this. If you don't know about Mr Gum then watch this anyway it's funny. Andy doing one of his stand-up talks to some children up in Scotland and also being broadcast round the country to lots of other people on the BBC's red button...

Thursday 16 June 2011

Carol, 1956. Deconstructed.

I thought this was a cool idea. A lovely little photo from 1956. the frame was as much a part of the thing as the picture itself. Very sweet old frame. Pulled it apart. Looks cool.

Caricature with coloured pencils

I'm particularly please with this one. It was another caricature using one of the faces from Keelan Parham's book as inspiration. It kinda went off track looked a little like her but then as I coloured it with a few coloured pencils - the ones I had to hand made her look Asian. She wasn't in the original pic, but the skin colour and dark hair make her look that way here. I like it that way. I think I did the hair with a black Prismacolor Artstix.

Drag Queen

This character is some kinda drag queen. I guess if Meatloaf were to dress in drag he might end up looking like this.

Pudgy hoody guy

This pudgy guy was just kinda lounging in his tracksuit. I was trying to get him to stretch and pull at the material in the right places. also trying to give him some weight onto his feet. It's not bad.

Smokin cowboy...on a horse no less

Two other little sketches. First a cowboy...on a horse...smoking! This was tough. firstly it's more than just a face (bodies are hard) and he's doing something (on a horse)...and a horse and all drawn from the front. anyway - it turned out well for me in a strange dwarf-horse kinda way.

Next up is a smiley naughty looking face - no idea what this one is about but I like the scale of all the features and it's just...well I like it and I'm the boss.

Ad Jetsonic Caricature

Here is a caricature of my band mate from The Jetsonics. It's fairly succesful I'd say. Nice line quality with a little bit of grey shading that adds to it. But a big fail is the goatee half way up his chin. It doesn't really make much sense if you think about it. so I prefer not to think about it and think of it as a decent 'from memory' effort.

Worried about what?

Hmmm. Not sure why this lady is so worried. Blue is the only colour highlighter to hand. Maybe I just get me a few different colours! the other guy is a bit rubbish. And the two fail, one semi-success. Who's counting?


Here is Drakoola. You could see him bleeding through from the reverse of the last scan I posted. I was trying to give him shiny hair with the white bit left there. Not sure how successful that was.Hmmm...and the scan black and whited him. He had blue blood on his fangs. Grey blood? That just won't do.

Some sketches.

So I thought I'd be a little brave and post some sketches. Not sure why. I guess it's time to get naked in public and this is a good place to start.

I think I was writing 'cereal'  over and over to see how it looked if I didn't join up all the letters. Or maybe I was hungry.

The guys with the blue outline I quite like. Also the guy with the scowl and the long chin. I was looking at some Stephen Silver sketches to see how he did the neck descending from ear thing and also defining the upper lip as it joins the underneath of the nose. That's something I'd not tried before and in an instant it gave more depth to the picture. Cool :-)

Then through the page on the other side you can see a kinda Dracula guy. I'll post him later.

Monday 13 June 2011

The Jetsonics - Extended Player Number One

My band the Jetsonics just released a new EP available at all good MP3 stores including iTunes.

Go get it!



So over on Facebook there is a little group called 'Toon Challenge' It's informal and free to enter your cartoon each month. So far I've entered 'Space Invader' and 'Punk Rock Chick'. Even my 7 year old had a great go at the Space Invader one.

...and here's the Punk Rock Chick. In lieu of a decent face, I shoved an amplifier in place of her head. Actually that turned out pretty well. The hands are awful.

All of these done with pencil then Illustrator then coloured in Photoshop. Was good fun.