Thursday 21 July 2011

What Goes On - On a Break

"What Goes On" is taking a break for a just a few days. See you then.

Wednesday 20 July 2011

What Goes On #31 - Your Daily Comic

What Goes On - That was 30 that was

Did you see that? Without even blinking. 30 (count 'em) thirty WGO comics. That is some going! A big group hug. Hey! Watch your hands!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Hekla Waterloo Graffiti, London, UK

Was up in Waterloo recently. Lost round the back of the station. For some reason so engrossed in a conversation about Derren Brown that we forgot to head for the river. Then saw this great piece of graffiti. Admittedly some post processing going on here, but I think it adds to the look. I even printed this, framed it and hung it in my kitchen. That's how much I like it. Hekla. Word.

Random Sketching - The Sad #8

Maybe he missed a touchdown or something. Here is #8 and he is rather sad. I was trying to draw hands that weren't rubbish. Thanks to Tom Richmond's tutorial on sketching hands (awesome) I was able to make them a little better than usual.
He says it's good if you think of the palm not as a square but as two chicken drumsticks. Makes a whole lotta sense if you read his tutorial. #8's left hand is OK. His right one is a bit beastly. Still. Who's watching except you and you [points] at the back...

What Goes On #30 - Your Daily Comic

Random sketching - Hungry, Hungry Whale

I love this blue highlighter. It never seems to run out. When it does I'll try and find a new one exactly the same.

Random sketching - Giant Head

This guy has a GIANT head. Like a potato.

Friday 15 July 2011


Dan who makes Beardo - an awesome daily comic about a barista/artist/musician... BEARDO ...said the way he managed to get to 1000+ daily comics was by basing things on reality and daily events. So there's a little more of that around here. I don't pretend to draw like Dan - he rules! I don't expect to make it much past 30 comics, let alone 1000, but thanks for the advice, Mr Beardo :-)

What Goes On #26 - Your Daily Comic

Tuesday 12 July 2011

What Goes On #23 - Your Daily Comic

Blondie - Kew The Music, Kew Gardens - Live Review - 11th July, 2011

Though tonight it's a mild summer's evening in these Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the music is straight out of New York.
There's no doubt that Debbie Harry is a true rock and roll idol, Blonde hair, dark glasses and vampish PVC coat tails. Slowly during the evening she loses most of the paraphernalia and moves with angular energy like she is rocking the CBGB all over again. She still has most of her voice, and what she misses she makes up for with attitude and dramatic flair. Drummer Clem Burke plays with the energy of a fifteen year old and an exuberance that rings out in every beat. Highlight is when Clem does a couple of 20 ft stick spins. 20ft. Twice. Chris Stein is supported by stunt guitarist Tommy Kessler. Tommy is clearly enjoying himself and from time to time they let him cut lose with some great solo work. Foot on the monitor, head back, he whips into some mean sweep picking and two-handed tapping. It doesn't feel out of place. Blondie always manage to gel rock with with pop. From shred to singalong, it's all there tonight. Leigh Foxx on the bass keeps the bottom end in check while keyboard player Matt Katz-Bohen with his awesome Dave Hill style fringe gets to play a Keytar for one song. The Keytar even gets a little whoop from the crowd.

The sound in Kew is very good. It's not loud, but it's clear. There's little wind which keeps things focussed and the trees and glass house act as a little bowl to keep things tight. Atmosphere here is friendly. There's a lot of wine and picnics. There's a stall selling cheese. There's little shoving or pushing, just a lot of smiling faces and singing.

The set list is what you'd expect. Even if you've never owned a Blondie record you would have heard more than three quarters of tonight's songs on your radio over the years. They all sound exciting and fresh. Rapture sounds like it was written last week. Hanging on the Telephone will never grow old and the crowd goes wild when the telephone rings to introduce it. Blondie encore with 'A song they did at Abbey Road a week ago'. It's 'Please, Please Me' and it sounds fantastic. The crowd love it.

What Goes On #22 - Your Daily Comic

Monday 11 July 2011

What Goes On...After Midnight

Well you'd think I'd missed a day being that #21 came on Monday according to the date stamp. But rest assured in this time zone it's just gone midnight and that's *still* Sunday in my book. And 'round here I write the book.

What Goes On #21 - Your Daily Comic

Sunday 10 July 2011

What Goes On?

Well that was #20. Let's give a big whoop whoop for that. Onwards...onwards to #30. If you've been following closely you'll have noticed three (3) Up In The Air strips in quick succession. Well why waste a good drawing on just one outing I say.

I have no idea what happens in #21. Let's just hope we can think of something between now and then.

To the brain machine!

Sunday 3 July 2011

What Goes On #14 - Your Daily Comic Strip

What Goes in colour!

Like...woah! It's the Wizard of Oz all over again and WGO (What Goes On) #14 is in colour. More colour than WGO #10. Which just had a bit.This has *more* and has also been tidied up in Illustrator which makes it look like...proper...and stuff.

What Goes On #13

Friday 1 July 2011

What Goes On...we made it!

...we made it to #12! I'm impressed! Well done. Next goal is 20.

What Goes On #12