Friday 14 November 2008

What I like about Country music

One thing I like is that I often have no prior knowledge about the artist I'm listening to. Consequently I have no preconceptions. I can generally tell if something's old or new, but new might begin in the 80s. Old sounds of Dusty Old Men. I have no idea if I'm listening to a well known artist, a newcomer, a big star or a relative nobody. It means I can listen to the songs on their own merits. Take for example Leslie Satcher's "Love Letters". Until I googled some of the lyrics I had no idea who she was or anything about the song. It's just a great song and tells a great story. As George Michael said 'Listen without prejudice'.

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Mince Pies

Wife bought first mince pies of the season yesterday. Kipling. Half price. Tasty. I had two. Once upon a time it got to February or so and all the mince pies had gone from the shelves. Lucky for me a pack had fallen out of the shopping bag and into my boot, so come early spring I still had six mince pies. How d'you like them mince pies! Alot. I like them alot.

We are walking on the edge of space

We are walking on the edge of space and we can just see in. London, this is AbrahamLove calling. Do you hear me. I'm just wondering if posting here is going to be easier than posting to my old blog. Thing is - here I can post by mail. Post by mail. That's kind of tortological isn't it? Blog by mail. That'll do. Welcome to mkVII (possibly).

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