Wednesday 23 December 2009

Supermarket Sweep

The Wife did a normal shop yesterday and I followed up in the evening with Ye Olde Trippe to Tesco for Christmas stuff. They had run out of Aunt Bessie's Potatoes and Yorkshire puddings. I got a present for my brother, a turkey, a bottle of whisky, some mince pies, sprouts. I was served by a rude elf, she was busy telling her colleague that his shelf stacking was SH*T, before helping me find pigs in blankets/sausage/bacon. Everywhere is icy. Got home and helped finish up the wrapping for the boys. Last day at work today. Hurrah for Christmas!

Monday 21 December 2009

Man down! Man down!

Braving the icy tundra of west London at the weekend I managed to lose my footing while traversing the icy plains/pavement. I was carrying a small child and successfully kept him off the floor while I flailed and fell and ripped a hug hole in my jeans and bloodied my knee. Arriving home five minutes later I fell again when I flew into the garden, angered at the dog's barking and slipped right over on the luge run /garden path.

People, take care out there.

Monday 14 December 2009

The Sun Handheld...Now that's a great advert

This is an excellent advert. Like the paper or not, this is spot on...

Fudge, let's not eat it...just look at it!

Wow. I'm really pleased with this one. Last night I set about taking a photo of some white chocolate and cranberry fudge that our friend made for The Wife's birthday. Being that I don't have any volunteers for portraits. I thought the fudge would have to do. There's a fair bit of post processing going on here, mostly to get the colour balance right. I was also pleased with the presentation. Yes - they are piled up like bricks, but tasty looking bricks. With ribbon on! Looks like someting from Waitrose.

Thursday 10 December 2009

The Jetsonics - Burn! Burn! Burn!

Here's my band The Jetsonics in our new video for the song 'Burn! Burn! Burn!'. Filmed on Monday. Edited on Tuesday. Uploaded on Wednesday. Leave a comment here or there if you like it. Join the Facebook group. Be our friend on MySpace. Hey, we are even on Twitter. Twitter! Bejeezus.

Monday 7 December 2009

You want a Tree? I got your tree.

'Cause I bought it from the place near our house on Saturday morning. The wife, the boys, the dog and I all tramped over the big muddy car park, avoiding the rugby traffic and picked up our over priced non-drop tree from the same place we did last year. It's about five and a half feet tall. Here's the thing. We put it in a different place from last year. It's no longer squidged by the settee, it's displayed in some kind of seasonal glory in the corner of the other room. Looks great. You should get one too. I'm sure you will. You're just putting it off.

I also ordered some glasses today. After an initial slow start I received lots of attention from Charles at I should know on Thursday if they are any good or not. If it works out, I will be saving myself in the region of £150. Goal!

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Stupid Dog

The lady said 'he's not being naughty. he just forgot what he is meant to do'

Sometimes I call him and he sits in the garden
Looking at me
Like *I* am the stupid one
Then I realise I *am* the stupid one
'Cause it's cold and wet
And I'm running round the muddy garden in my socks
Chasing a dog.

The Jetsonics

That's right. You heard it here second. The Jetsonics is my new band. We're building our internet presence as I type. Mostly at the moment we are at

We are also on Facebook. Search 'Jetsonics'. An official site is coming soon. You can also follow us on Twitter

Check it!

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Playmobil Advent Calendar

It looks very cool. It's a Playmobil Advent calendar with Father Christmas feeding some animals. But you open the box and there's just bags of Playmobil in there and no boxes or divisions. So you open number 1 and it's just a big empty space. Odd. You are expected to make the thing yourself, but so far I can't find any instructions. Pfth.
It's cold today. Frosty windscreens. I set the heating to turn on at 6am instead of 6.20. For the best.