Tuesday 13 October 2009

GooGrill. Where do we go from here?

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to GooGrill. Ben brought this to my attention, so I can't say I've tasted it. I don't think I need to. I want to. Yes. I desperately want to eat a GooGrill. It looks nasty. Really nasty in a great way. I bet there is a Menu GooGrill, with fries and a slightly flat cola. Sh'yeah.

I think we can put this in the same food group as Baconnaise. Baconnaise Lite (why??). Though I wouldn't want to eat that. Also in the same group as Cheesestrings Shots...I'm not making that up. Described on their website (I visited) as 'Gazillions of yummy little cheesy pieces waiting to be shaken and shot back.'.


Victor Wooten Bass Camp

Gosh! I didn't know such a thing existed. Thanks to Lucas - who attended camp recently - I now do!


Some of the things covered at the camp are:
• Awareness (in Life and in Music)
• The role of the Bass Guitar
• Soloing techniques and concepts
• How to find food and water
• How to make a quick emergency shelter that can keep you alive in below freezing temperatures
• Basic animal tracking

Animal tracking *and* bass soloing?? Tha't sall you had to say.

Frankly this sounds awesome. I guess you'd have to attend the course to fully appreciate the link between nature and music, but I'm liking the idea. Maybe that old Tiger Stripe Bass of Woody's will find its calling after all.

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Waterloo Skate Park and other Photos

Thought you might want to see some photos I've taken recently after reading the Strobist blog: http://www.strobist.blogspot.com/
I have gotten the bug and an eBay flash trigger and an old Minolta flash. I really enjoy it. Really.
Kindly, Andy let me photgraph him at Waterloo the other day and I was really happy with the results. There's a nice photo on the Flickr stream of our Miniature Schnauzer and a Ferrari 360 Spider and a fairy cake. Betch can't wait.