Thursday 13 May 2010

The fear fever

Recording this weekend with The Jetsonics. As always, just like before every gig, I feel ill. Symptoms this time include a mouth ulcer - that's genuine - I can see it. Tingly throat - looks a bit dodgy but probably just imagining it. Dizziness - probably self-induced through worrying.

We're set to go into the studio for 12 hours. I'm thinking it's too long and we would have been better of doing 8+4 if we could. 8 on the backing tracks and instruments and a separate 4 hours for vocals. We're planning on 3-5 songs depending on how well we do and how time pans out. 12 hours is a huge amount of time compared to the 3 hours we used to allow in the previous sessions. I'm sure it will turn out well. Steve Lyon is a pro and he'll undoubtedly make us feel at ease.

This week's photo shoot with Paul Slattery turned out well too. Very well.

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