Monday 22 March 2010

The weekend that was

Went to Legoland. First day of the season and it was lovely, dry and mild. The boys had been looking forward to it since it closed for Winter. Nothing much has changed there, but familiarity and 6 months away just means it's all the more fun when you are five...or two. Even spotted The Wire and Rockstar actor Dominic West while queueing for one of the rides. He was looking very much off duty. Slouchy with shades. I still spotted him though. Kirk Cuddy at Legoland? Damn right.

Friday my band played an eighteenth birthday party somewhere halfway between here and Brighton, or at least a long way around the M25. Was good fun. A short set, but as always we put on a show and larked about. Had a Mars milk on the drive home. Bought it from the garage where the man served me from behind his glass window. I don't want to be in a petrol station at midnight. All the more odd that I was not buying fags or Rizla like everyone else. Mars Milk? Yes, Mars Milk. I don't think it's even called that any more is it? Mars Energy maybe?

Watch Adventureland. It's not the film the posters want you to think it is. It's not Superbad. It's not a laugh out loud teen comedy. It's a romance, filmed with love. It feels almost amateurish and innocent. There are a few laughs. But mostly it feels gentle and understated. In fact it feels a bit like TV show Freaks and Geeks. Not that good, obviously. But had it been the pilot for a TV show, I may well have watched some more of the series.

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