Monday 8 March 2010

The good news bad news

The good news is my Dusty The Disco Dog song sounded great at the first event on Saturday. I was busy taking photos so wasn't fully concentrating, but it came across well as far as I could hear. I'm pretty proud of that one. I think it'd be a good idea to make it available for sale - maybe on the official site or as a CD single at the events. Maybe both.

The bad news is - photographs in a big dark room with disco lights look like photos in big dark rooms, unless you light the whole thing up. White balance? Not even close. Trying to avoid individual people shots with the 50mm, I was trying to take photos of the room with the 18mm end of 18-55 and these didn't come out too well. Better higher ISO performance and a 2.8 short zoom would have been nice. There're a few that are usable, but nothing to write home about. The decent ones I ended up with were when I fired the flash at the white ceiling ... bouncing is my friend. Although these don't capture the real-disco feeling of the event, they are much better, sharper photos.

Dull photo-centric interlude ends.

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