Wednesday 3 March 2010


Searching on Google, results returned: ZERO.

Flabberwhopper needs to be on the internet, so here it is. Let's see how long it takes to index this entry and appear in a Google search for Flabberwhopper.

Flabberwhopper is an extraordinarily large creature, I don't think it has legs, though underneath its rolls of flab they may be there. Flabberwhopper eats and eats. Burgers mostly. The more burgers the better and the bigger the burger is - the more Flabberwhopper likes it.

Flabberwhopper can also be used to name something or someone of extraoridnary size:

"I'd like a Flabberwhopper portion of chips please."

"Did you see that elephant? It was a real Flabberwhopper."

Did you really need to know that?

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ALove said...

There you go...took about an hour to appear in a Google search. Nice.