Friday 20 May 2011

Letraset Tria and pen update

The Tria is pretty good. The chisel is decent and the brush tip has a nice degree of flexibility vs. line width, it can't do super fine though. That said there is a third tip that does do super fine. The problem I've found is that the lids don't fit easily. Means it's too easy for them to fall off and the nibs to dry out (happened twice so far).
Still my favourite is the Zig Art and Graphic Twin. What I'd like is one of the Zig Brushables which has the brush from the Twin and at the other end a second brush with a 50% colour in a brush. So black comes with 50% grey on the other end. But it seems you can't buy them individually - only in 4 packs -  which is a shame.

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ALove said...

Tria has already dried out - and not 'cause the lid fell of but because the ink ran out. Already? Maybe I bought a demo pen that was half used. Who knows? And...the super fine nib dried out last week before the ink did. I'm going to try a Copic Ciao. Good job pens are cheaper than guitars.