Friday 20 May 2011

Keelan Parham - "Let's Toon"

I bought this book and it's OK but not the amazing insight I hoped it would be. That said it has some good beginners tips and a lot of photos of faces to draw from. The whole book feels like a home made manual that has been glossed up with some cartoons and illustrations and made into something fancy. In fact in the intro Keelan Parham tells you that's basically what it is - the instruction manual of all the things he has been teaching his new Caricaturists over the years. The style it teaches is very simple, and I guess a good springboard for developing your own style. But this book won't turn you into Joe Bluhm overnight. For $18.99 in the US it's worthwhile, but once you pay for shipping etc to the UK the price becomes quite expensive so if you're buying internationally that's worth bearing in mind.

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