Monday 7 December 2009

You want a Tree? I got your tree.

'Cause I bought it from the place near our house on Saturday morning. The wife, the boys, the dog and I all tramped over the big muddy car park, avoiding the rugby traffic and picked up our over priced non-drop tree from the same place we did last year. It's about five and a half feet tall. Here's the thing. We put it in a different place from last year. It's no longer squidged by the settee, it's displayed in some kind of seasonal glory in the corner of the other room. Looks great. You should get one too. I'm sure you will. You're just putting it off.

I also ordered some glasses today. After an initial slow start I received lots of attention from Charles at I should know on Thursday if they are any good or not. If it works out, I will be saving myself in the region of £150. Goal!

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BartLennon said...

Photos. Of tree and spectacles.