Tuesday 1 December 2009

Playmobil Advent Calendar

It looks very cool. It's a Playmobil Advent calendar with Father Christmas feeding some animals. But you open the box and there's just bags of Playmobil in there and no boxes or divisions. So you open number 1 and it's just a big empty space. Odd. You are expected to make the thing yourself, but so far I can't find any instructions. Pfth.
It's cold today. Frosty windscreens. I set the heating to turn on at 6am instead of 6.20. For the best.


BartLennon said...

My first time in England ('97), it was during Christmas season, and there was an advent calendar in the office. I didn't know what one was. We don't roll with advent calendars in the South. So I just ate some chocolates that looked nice, and of course later got in trouble for ruining the calendar. This would be about the same time as learning how 'spunk' is different there than we usually use it.

ALove said...

I would have scolded you for eating the chocolatles.

While he was over, we had to explain the tradition of Pantomime to Eric.