Thursday 16 June 2011

Some sketches.

So I thought I'd be a little brave and post some sketches. Not sure why. I guess it's time to get naked in public and this is a good place to start.

I think I was writing 'cereal'  over and over to see how it looked if I didn't join up all the letters. Or maybe I was hungry.

The guys with the blue outline I quite like. Also the guy with the scowl and the long chin. I was looking at some Stephen Silver sketches to see how he did the neck descending from ear thing and also defining the upper lip as it joins the underneath of the nose. That's something I'd not tried before and in an instant it gave more depth to the picture. Cool :-)

Then through the page on the other side you can see a kinda Dracula guy. I'll post him later.

1 comment:

BartLennon said...

Loving the fellow in top right. He totally thinks he's the bollocks, despite his overbite.