Thursday 7 April 2011

Rhyming Picture Books?

Seemed like a good idea at the time. I wrote the first manuscript, led by Andy's excellent advice and came up with something that had a vague story. Was lively and fun. Rhyming and meter were here and there, but it was light and silly and I sent it off to a few agents and they all wrote back with their stock replies. Ba-DOOM! No thank you.

At the same time and while waiting on replies from those agents I started on another manuscript. This one feels more rounded, less haphazard, more organised. Rhyme is better, meter is better. Story is good. So I sent it off to half a dozen agents. A few by mail, a handful by post. I've not heard anything back yet. In some ways the chase is better than the catch. A week or two with no replies means there is some hope that someone, somewhere will like what i've written. I spent so many hours rhyming and re-rhyming and picking and changing words that in the end I honestly had no idea if what I was left with was great. Good. Or really just plain dull. In other non-me news. Andy sold a million Gum books and has a rhyming picture book coming out in May. Let's hope some of his good advice has helped my efforts :-)

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