Tuesday 5 January 2010

DIY ringflash

DIY ringflash 2
Originally uploaded by abraham_love
UK Strobists...Here's a ringflash - perfect for after Christmas since you are bound to have an empty tub of 'Celebrations', right?

Eat chocolate. Take off the lid. Put 50 CD-R tub on the bottom of the box and draw round it. Cut that hole carefully minding fingers. Cut the top off the clear lid of the CD-R tub. If you are lucky like me - the CD-R tub even has a lip on it. As you push that through the celebrations box it will wedge and catch itself - no need for sticking or anything. Cut a hole for your flash. Here I used an old flash that is non-manual. I used it as a test, but it's the right power for a decent portrait with a 50mm on my K100d at 1/180 f/4.5.

Probably clear as mud - hopefully picture will help.

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